Tithe Barn

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Eco-Friendly Accommodation

Sisland Tithe Barn actively takes measures to encourage green sustainable tourism and we are determined to help tackle the problem of climate change. Every time Owl Barn or Orchard Barn is booked, we promise to donate a percentage of the booking fee to Tree Aid.

Tree Aid is an organisation that works with people in the Sahel drylands of Africa to tackle poverty and the effects of climate change by growing trees, restoring & protecting land and improving people’s income.

We donate monthly and also purchase “Gifts that Grow” – a collection of sustainable items ranging from trees to gardening tools. Each donation supports communities across the Sahel to tackle the climate crisis.

We consider we are extremely fortunate to live in such a wonderful place and feel it our duty to be committed to the long-term sustainability of our local area and environment as a whole. We aim to provide good quality accommodation which has a minimalistic effect on the surrounding environment.